81% of Americans or 200 Million People want to write books!!
Out of every 1000 people who want to write only 30 actually finish.

So you’re not alone if you’ve always dreamed of writing a book but have no idea where to start.

This is why I created Amplified Best Seller!  

If you’re ready to share your unique story and need some help getting your ideas down, & publishing, this guide will show you how to







And I hear this story all the time…

Why people don’t finish or even start writing their book

  • Lack of Confidence in Writing Skills
  • Fear of failing by Trying to write too perfectly
  • Not breaking the project down into manageable chunks
  • Never published and have no idea how it works.


  • No target market so no direction
  • Procrastination & no usable writing structure
  • No one to help with the process

Today it’s easier than ever to publish your own book…. WITH THE RIGHT GUIDANCE.

It took me YEARS to learn the process of publishing, the options for distribution and how to do this all in the most cost effective and time effective way.

Let me cut years off your production time! Publish a Book in 30 Days!

Who this course is for:

  1. The ENTREPRENEUR looking to break open his/her business with new marketing avenues
  2. The FREELANCER Who’s wanting to condense his/her knowledge into one place
  3. The SPEAKER who wants to create workshops, keynotes and seminars around his or her topic
  4. The AUTHOR who’s never published a book, or struggled to publish a book
  5. The PROCRASTINATOR who wants to write a book but isn’t sure how to get started
  6. The CHRISTIAN who feels lead to share his/her knowledge about a subject, personal experience or something that will contribute to other relationships with God.
  7. The BLOGGER who wants to turn his/her writing into a profitable book to get more credibility and more scope of influence.
  8. The COACH who needs help with brand clarity and has a lot of great ideas but is looking for a niche market
  9. The CAREER PROFESSIONAL who wants to stop working for other people and start working for him/herself

If one of these people is you, I’m excited to share with you what I’ve been able to do and help my clients do for their business!

What Writing A Book Has Done For Me:

  1. Opened up a new speaking & teaching Career
  2. Given me easy access to all kinds of events, conferences and workshops.
  3. Helped me solidify and develop the content I use for my other programs.
  4. Has helped me sell thousands of online programs.
  5. Allowed me to help set others free who are looking for freedom from the 9-5 job
  6. SOLIDIFIED many concepts that God wanted to teach me and use me to teach others.
  7. Helped share my journey, testimony and the power to overcome struggle along the way!

Write a Book in 30 Days to Increase Your Influence, Income & Impact!

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What Writing A Book Can Do For You

  1. Gives you INSTANT CREDIBILITY in Your Niche Market
  2. You have a WIDER scope of INFLUENCE
  3. Easily OPENS THE DOOR for TV/Radio/Media Recognition & Publicity
  4. Opens the Door for SPEAKING & Other CONSULTING Opportunities
  5. Publishing a Book Can lead to INCREASED PRICING FOR YOUR SERVICES
  6. Explodes Your MARKETING Capabilities
  7. Helps You get BRAND CLARITY
  8. Get INSTANT EXPERT Status
  9. Gives You a PRODUCT to sell on the INTERNET & at events

Get Your Ideas & Content Flushed Out for Workshops & Teachings

It’s one of the most rewarding accomplishments to go through this journey!


Unit 1: The Process Checklist & Getting Started

A Step By Step Timeline and Checklist of what you need to publish your book Account Set Ups

Go From Idea to Author in a matter of Days

Determining Content Benefits for the Book

Unit 2: Writing Your Book

Easy Ways of Creating Content

Sources of Book Content

Determining the Chapter Titles

Unit 3: Book Design & Editing

Killer Book Cover Design that will have your book flying off the shelves

Book Editing Done Right

Book Layout

Unit 4: The Publishing Process

Packaging Your Book for Higher Sales Volume

How to Choose the Right Publisher

The Options for Styles of Publishing

Unit 5: Marketing 

Distribution Channel Options

Step by Step Process to becoming a Best Seller

Using Social Media to Help Sell Your Book

Unit 6: Promoting & Selling Your Book 

Ways to leverage your book to Build Your Brand

Properly Pricing Your Book

Using Your Book to Launch a Movement

Sure-Fire Ways to make money from Your Book

Amplified Best Seller will save you THOUSANDS of dollars and hundreds of hours of set up by helping you:

  1. Start writing your book from scratch & avoid wasting time
  2. Avoid the Wrong Publishers, Editors, Formatters & PR Team
  3. Draw out ideas for your first product, program or package to go along with the book so you don’t waste this marketing opportunity
  4. Seemlessly integrate the publishing software & technology that’s easiest to set up and use
  5. Avoid Wasting money on expensive marketing plans
  6. Use Your Book to capture leads!!! Both for new clients online and in person
  7. Learn how to effectively market your book

Why a Book in 30 Days Works:

  1. I give you a step-by-step process for everything (start to finish, you’ll learn what it takes to create a successful best selling book in any sector)
  2. I share the exact same system of how I’ve created my best selling book and coached my students with theirs
  3. I share how you can implement each step as efficiently as possible to avoid procrastination and overwhelm
  4. I give you exact recommendations on each resource, software, tool, etc. that I personally use so you don’t have to research yourself.
  5. I show you how to apply the basic framework to all of your writing and marketing strategies to make the most out of the book marketing opportunity

How Long do I get to keep the course for?

You’ll have lifetime access to the members area.

When & How do I receive the course?

You’ll receive an email with your login instructions as soon as you purchase the course.

You’ll have lifetime access to the members area.

Can I watch/view the Course on my phone or tablet?

Yes the course is compatible with mobile devices so it’s easy for you to have with you and

work on all the time!

Are my payments secure

Yes!! Payments made through the website and Intuit Payments are 100% secure.

Do you have a payment plan option?

Yes!! You can start the course with as little as $299 today

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Do I get actual help from Lindsay?

Yes- in the video trainings. If you have additional questions, my great support team is here to assist. Please reach out at: [email protected]

If I have more questions, who do I contact?

Can I pay with paypal?

Yes if you’re making a single payment. If you’d like to set up multiple payments with us via paypal, please contact us directly at [email protected]


Valued at $3,500 this is what you’ll receive:

  1. Immediate access to the Amplified Best Seller Online Course
  2. Lifetime Access to the Membership Training Area (with your secure login)
  3. All Video Fundamental Training Content for Units I, II, III, IV, V, VI
  4. All of the Step-By-Step action guide worksheets
  5. Immediate Access to Bonus Trainings
  6. Access to the Amplified Best Seller Facebook Group
  7. 100% Mobile Compatible Content (take it on the go!)

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Save Money!

Rise above the noise with your own published Book!

Start TODAY with Amplified Best Seller as your Guide.

After finishing my book with Lindsay, I had this incredible feeling of confidence and excitement for the future. I started getting invited to do seminars all over the country within 6 months of finishing my book. Lindsay really knows how to pull the best out of me. Her strategies really work and I’m so excited to be an author! I’m so shocked, amazed & excited! After Applying Lindsay’s step-by-step strategies, my book is complete! I’m selling tons of books at seminars and getting THOUSANDS of Quality leads & opportunities! —- Jarret W.

My vision of the future has changed because I’m thinking so much bigger since I started writing my book with Amplified Best Seller. It’s the embodiment of the American Dream. Dream it, and be it. My business and health have both benefited from this book project! —- Niki D.

I’d been working as a Licensed Acupuncturist at a wellness clinic for years and I love helping people get back to life after injuries, pain, or stressful situations. Lindsay partnered with me through Amplified Best Seller to finally write a book to help my patients. I feel amazing and hopeful because I’m working toward my goals and I have a stream of income I can take with me anywhere I want to go. —-Kara C.