The Live Training Difference

Real Answers. Real Results. NOW.

Here’s the truth..

There’s more competition than ever before online. Your potential clients are seeing over 5000 marketing messages a day!

If you don’t have a proven strategy, your business & message willbe drowning.

Ready for the good news?

When you implement what I’m going to show you you’re going to cut through the noise and generate more leads and sales than you ever dreamed of.

You might:

  • Have no audience
  • Have no product
  • Feel stuck or confused
  • Be overwhelmed with all the information out there

If that’s you, don’t worry.

I was there at one point.

All I wanted was someone to show me the way, to guide me and provide LIVE trainings and be available to answer my questions.

I was tired of courses that were CRAZY expensive & offered no real help, sure they had Facebook groups but nobody ever took the time to ACTUALLY help me and answer specific questions. Instead I was hit with generic advice that I didn’t know what to do with.

So, I’ve built a community to help Solve all these problems.


Working like a crazy person with little result. You’re throwing all your energy, time and money into your business with advertising, content creation, posting on social media, and blog posts. Heck, you’re feeling broke and spent!

Uncertain how to get in front of & engage your ideal audience. You know they’re out there, but you’re struggling to find them? You stressing out about how much time you’re spending on social media and losing money on ads…

Frustrated by all the unorganized information. You’re sick of wasting time trying to research how to make your online business grow, overwhelmed by all the different types of strategies and don’t know what to do. You want something that will work NOW.

Stressed & losing motivation. You see so many other “experts” online already. You feel like you’re not sure how to stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

Sick of slaving away at a job that isn’t your true passion or calling. You spend your time at work thinking about your passion and being stressed you don’t have the freedom to work toward it. #NoFun

Do any of these sound familiar to you?? If so you’re in the right place! I can help.

Here’s what’s inside:

  1. Real Live Support & Training- Office hours 2 hours/day 3 days per week
  2.  Real Time Q & A
  3.  Real Time Technical Support
  4. Learn How to Rank Your Sites – All my inside SEO tools
  5. Discounts on High Quality links & Guest Posts
  6.  Massive Traffic Generation Strategies
  7. NO ONE ELSE is doing live training like this covering every topic you can imagine for brands

When I was starting & ramping up my online business, I tried a million techniques.  

I bought over $150k in courses & trainings and no one ever really helped me walk into success.

I was miserable for years because I knew I have incredible things to share, but no idea where to start marketing and with no direction.

There was never anyone I could call when I couldn’t figure something out.

I wanted to find the best software, or to just answer my questions and brain storm. I spent thousands of dollars launching programs with little or no success.  

I WISHED more than anything that I had someone to meet with me all the time and walk with me, without paying thousands of dollars per month for help.

MENTORSHIP is such a secret weapon for online business…

Learn what it took me 15 years to learn in a matter of months!


It’s all about helping you in real time and answering your questions on the spot. 

  3 days a week I’ll provide you with live office hours for 2 hours per day.

What are you struggling with? Ask me anything.
Whether you’re looking for help:
  • Ranking your website & SEO
  • Blogging
  • Launching a Course
  • Lead Generation & Online Marketing
  • Podcasting
  • Advertising

If you were to hire a coach or buy online courses to cover this information it would cost you well over $5000/MONTH!!


You’re SUPER SMART and RESOURCEFUL… You know when to ask for help.

You’re BRAVE enough to work on your own business and follow your dreams.

You’re COMMITTED to making your business work and to the growth that requires!

Your Business and services are amazing! You’re Smart and Unconventional!

I completely understand what it’s like

  • Feeling overworked, constantly creating content and just wanting people to notice you.
  • Feeling lost, stuck, ignored but knowing you have amazing value to offer the world.
  • You’re tired of working so hard and not making enough money to make a difference in your life.

Positioning yourself in a sea of online marketers is a long, hard, grueling battle that takes a lot of money, time effort and energy to learn! And don’t get me started on how long it took me to learn conversion strategy to actually get people to buy products.  

I know exactly how horribly frustrating it can be to work so hard and get nothing in return.

To cut a Long painful journey short, I know you’re ready to have your business shine and make a powerful impact! And I know you’re ready for the income and time freedom that come with that.



Here’s what you should know about Me….

HEY!!! I’m Lindsay, and it’s sooo nice to meet you!

I’m an online marketing & pinterest strategist and a super hard worker :). Nothing makes me happier than to watch my client’s influence and income skyrocket while creating time freedom and massive impact in the world in their businesses!  I love watching new leads flow in daily and making money while I sleep with business on autopilot.  Generating an powerful brand so I can give back to great causes!

  • My Pinterest strategy is responsible for a tremendous amount of the traffic to my business and my online sales.  I spent years paying for traffic on Facebook and Instagram with Limited success and limited engagement.  The Facebook and Instagram algorithms are constantly changing and you have to keep paying more and more money to get followers. And More followers does not = more income.
  • I knew i was here to make a difference in the world and live a life of significance!!!
  • I focused on creating a powerful brand, writing a book and learning how to generate massive traffic online, a lot of which through Pinterest!  I used Pinterest to grow my email list and hit the Amazon Best Seller list with my book in the first 2 days of launch.  As my blog and programs gained more traction, I had more people asking me for help to grow their traffic, I began to get some amazing coaching clients and creating more powerful programs to help amazing people write books, generate massive traffic online, and grow spiritually and professionally.
  • Sooooo much of this was because of Pinterest!  Now I teach other entrepreneurs how to use Pinterest to skyrocket their traffic and income online!

I’ve been to the heights of the mountains in my business and to the lows of the deepest valleys and I know what rock bottoms feels like. (And You don’t have to go there).

  • I started my business 4 years ago with ZERO online marketing experience. For years, I slaved away making other people rich and giving away time doing things that I wasn’t called to do. Constantly searching for answers and guidance. I ended up crazy sick, unmotivated, and without a true passion for life.
  • I went from earning $35,000 one year, to over $100,000 the next year all because of my online presence.
  • I went from having ZERO traffic to my website (except my mom lol) to over 47,000 visitors every single month.
  • No one seeing my content to launching a little $15 book that sold over 1,000 copies the day it launched! Crazy, huh?

I want to introduce you to my secret online traffic weapon!!!

Discover all the traffic generation strategies I’ve taught to over 1,000 other Pinterest 4 Profit students that will grow your traffic and your email list fast!!!  IN 5 WEEKS!!

I used this same system to grow my traffic to over 46,000 page views per month and my email list to over 30,000 subscribers.

The Best part?? The most amazing people are the visitors. People who are super amazing, strong, powerhouses and completely engaged readers and customers. I want this for you too!

After struggling to grow my online business and community, I started experimenting with Pinterest.

And what happened next?

  • My website traffic grew by 46,000 page views in 5 months,
  • My email list added 4500 new subscribers after getting just one or two every now and then
  • My pinterest strategy has helped my income skyrocket by 12x in the last year!

Pinterest is such a secret weapon because most people don’t realize:

How powerful it is

How to use it

What kind of strategy to use with it

That Pinterest is a search engine…. NOT a SOCIAL MEDIA SITE

Once you start using Pinterest strategecially, You can

  • Massively grow your TRAFFIC
  • Grow your EMAIL LIST
  • Get qualified LEADS for your business EVERY DAY
  • Increase your EXPOSURE
  • Get Connected with amazing COMMUNITIES
  • Connect with Influencers & create BRAND PARTNERSHIPS

What’s included in Pinterest 4 Profit??