People ask me all the time what is SEO?

Everyone knows Search Engine Optimization (SEO) important, that Google rankings are determined by it, but very few people really know how to implement it or how to do that well!

I can completely relate!

For years I worked with a large variety of brands that had great paid advertising strategies but WERE LEAVING MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF MONEY ON THE TABLE by not having a healthy organic search strategy!

The same way we no longer use the phone book to search for things, we have to learn new strategies to get our info seen on the web.

The problem is that most business owners think like this:

  • They say “I want a website”
  • They mean “I want a website that attracts customers and is ranked in Google.”
  • They even want to say “I want to have all those fancy emails, social media, and branding done like the larger businesses.”

I totally understand exactly what you are saying and I’ve helped a lot of businesses do just this!

I also understand that:

  • The internet is filled with shady website owners
  • It can also be a tough place to attract fruitful business
  • There are a lot of people who don’t follow through with their promises (believe me I’ve experience SO MUCH OF THIS!)

The great news is that today I’m not asking you for a bunch of money in exchange for a strategy that you don’t understand!!Yay!

I do want to make sure you have a game plan in place to solve the ever increasing issue of digital marketing for your business!

I completely understand the overwhelm of online marketing and all the things a business owner keeps having to learn about online business!

This process is a bit like taking a drink from a fire hydrant!! Starting a business something like this:

You either

  • Have a website and are happy with it
  • Have a website and are not happy with it
  • Don’t have a website and not happy about that

You Have and Have to Manage

  • Backlinks and Citations
  • Social Media Profiles
  • An Auto Responder System
  • A Blog, Infographics, Guides/White Papers
  • Targeted keyword list for yourself and on competition

This is all a bit much don’t you agree?

I totally get that you are a professional at what you do and that’s what you should be doing!

I want to show you a few steps it will take for your path to success! And walk with you every step of the way in the process!

Google has multiple ways that it determines if your site is a viable source of quality information. I want you to have the Best SEO Audit Service!

THAT’S MY JOB! To show you how that works and help take that stress off of your hands.

Let me Introduce myself:

I’m Lindsay Shearer, an online marketing addict, SEO & traffic strategist that has been helping brands with their online visibility for over 7 years!  SEO is responsible for a tremendous amount of the traffic to my business and my online sales.  I spent years paying for traffic on Facebook and Instagram with Limited success and limited engagement.  The Facebook and Instagram algorithms are constantly changing and you have to keep paying more and more money to get followers. And More followers does not = more income!

7 Years ago, I barely had a Facebook account and no online business experience.  I was stressed, struggling, and practically bankrupt. I was lost, but I knew there was something to SEO & I was determined to learn it!

I knew i was here to make a difference in the world and live a life of significance and help others do that too!!!

I focused on creating a powerful brand, writing a book and learning how to generate massive traffic online through SEO! As my blog and programs gained more traction, I had more people asking me for help to grow their traffic, I began to get some amazing clients & have helped so many incredible businesses create more powerful programs helped amazing people write books, generate massive traffic online, and grow spiritually and professionally.


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I’m so excited to work with you!