• inspire your audience?
  • remind them of the greatness inside them?
  • motivate them to take action toward their dreams?

Some of Lindsay's Speaking Engagements

  • Motivate & Inspire Your Audience to Take Action Toward Their Dreams
  • Encourage the Best out of Your Audience
  • Share Powerful Techniques for Growing Your Online Business & Your Faith

Topics for Speaking

Business, Performance, Sales Training & Personal Growth

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  • Connecting With Your Vision & Goals
  • Creating Productivity Habits
  • Determining Your Best Motivation & Utilizing it For Your Success
  • Overcoming Fear For Good!
  • Learning How to Pull the Most Productivity Out of Yourself
  • Tips, Tactics, and Tools to Help You Be Your Most Productive, Highest Performing Self

—>Pull Out Your Peak Performance Action Plan
—>Leave Your Mark on the World
—> Have Incredible Energy & Excitement to Live out Your Dreams

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Let me show you how to discover work that is satisfying and connects your soul to your company vision, your dreams, and impacts the world

  • Learn How to Communicate Effectively with Every Personality Type
  • Learn How to Pull Out the Best Qualities in Yourself and Your Team
  • Wake Up EVERY Day Excited about Your Life and Job by Connecting to Your Company’s Biggest, Most Impactful Vision
  • Walk in Your PASSION Every Day
  • Determine Your Best Motivation
  • Have Incredible Energy & Excitement to Live out Your Dreams

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What is true about your identity?
Determining Your Specific Gifts & Personality Qualities to give you better options for careers within your calling


  • Wake Up EVERY Day Excited about Your Life and Job
  • Express Your PASSION every day
  • Live with Fire in Your Heart
  • Leave Your Mark on the World
  • Have Incredible Energy & Excitement to Live out Your Dreams
  • Transform Your Dreams into a PROFITABLE Business

I’m here to help you carve out the diamond inside you!

Turning Your Idea into a Profitable Business

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  • Ideas for Monetizing Your Calling & Making it Your Profession
  • Preparing Your Mindset for Success in the Business World.
  • Determining the Correct Business Model for you
  • How to start a business around your gifting

The World Needs the Gifts You Have to Share!
It’s time to take the Leap of FAITH and step into your destiny.
I’m here to help you bridge the gap between your ideas and my proven frameworks for business success.

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  • Programming Your Mind for success
  • eliminate the beliefs that are holding you back and receive encouragement into who you’re called to be.
  • Negativity detox
  • Eliminating fear of failure and fear of success
  • Emotional Awareness techniques to dig out the roots of unbelief and fear replacing them with peace, joy & encouragement
  • Deep Healing that eliminate Blocks to Success

One of the most important pieces of  true lasting success is cultivating mental toughness.  I’m here to help shed some light on areas that may need healing or reprogramming so you can have breakthrough to be the amazing person you’re called to be!  Step into all that this world has to offer you.

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  • Develop Wellness Habits that Support Your Best Performance
  • Get Options for Tests that Will Help Track Your Health Progress
  • Get Educated on The Best Nutritional And Fitness Support for Your Body Type
  • Get the Support & Encouragement You Need to Make Healthy Lifestyle Substitutions
  • How to Get More ENERGY to fuel your dreams!

Health/Wellness and success cannot be separated!  I’m here to give you some great options for your wellness program that help you live at optimal energy and performance.  I make wellness fun, positive and help instill healthy habits that are easy to uphold.

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  • Learn the LANGUAGE of Sales
  • Understand the True PSYCHOLOGY Behind High Level Sales
  • Learn How to Communicate with Your Prospect So They Tell You Exactly What They Need
  • Drastically Increase Your Closing Ratios
  • Make More Money In Less Time

We are all selling something all the time.  I’m here to help you take out any negative connotation about sales, disarm objections from your clients and help connect you and your team to the bigger vision you have for your company!  Sales can be an effortless and fun process and I’m here to show you how.

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  • Go From Idea to Author in a Matter of Days
  • A Step By Step Timeline and Checklist of what you need to publish your book
  • Determining Content Benefits for the Book
  • The Options for Styles of Publishing
  • Step by Step Process to Becoming a Best Seller
  • Promoting & Selling Your Book

You have a unique story & message inside of you!  I’m here to help you bring that out so you can share it with the world.  My Unique and Proven Process for helping you get on the Amazon Best-Seller List.

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  • Gives you INSTANT CREDIBILITY in Your Niche Market
  • You have a WIDER scope of INFLUENCE
  • Easily OPENS THE DOOR for TV/Radio/Media Recognition & Publicity
  • Opens the Door for SPEAKING & Other CONSULTING Opportunities
  • Publishing a Book Can lead to INCREASED PRICING FOR YOUR SERVICES
  • Explodes Your MARKETING Capabilities
  • Helps You get BRAND CLARITY

Writing a book is such an amazing experience that can seem daunting.  I’m here to help you use your unique voice to build your brand and market your message to the world.

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  • Utilize Your Unique Gifts to Create & Grow a Profitable Business
  • Build Your Confidence and Find Your Voice in Your Industry
  • Develop a Unique Marketing Strategy for Your Business and Your Target Market
  • Step Into Your True Identity and Your True Calling
  • Determining Your Role in the Business World

Be the powerful and strong woman that you are in your industry and your business!  I’m here to help you utilize your unique gifts in your uniquely crafted marketing space for your business success.  Infuse your business with the confidence and skills that only you have!

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  • Setting Your Business on AutoPilot
  • Hiring the Right Team
  • Software Options for Automation
  • Learning to Delegate and Become the Engineer of Your Business
  • Focus on the Highest and Best Use of Your Time in Your Business

There are so many aspects of your business that you can place on autopilot.  I love helping my clients delegate and create systems that don’t require them to be present so their business can continue to function and grow!  Learn what tasks you should be focused on and what you should delegate.  Learn softwares and support systems to best support your business so you can be out changing the world!

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  • Develop Tools to Easily Communicate with Anyone in Any Setting
  • Learn the Best Places to Network & Market Your Business
  • Get Exclusive Access to the Movers & Shakers in Your Industry

Networking is essential to growing your business. I’ll share with you my tried and tested techniques that got me working with big name companies like Sony, The San Diego Chargers, Fox Sports and more!

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  • What Makes People Pull the Trigger to Get On Your List or Buy Your Products
  • How to Properly Price Your Products
  • Designing the Perfect Product for Your Personality Type.

Designing the perfect products and deliverables for your company and your brand can be a daunting challenge! I’ll help you break down the easiest & best ways to create products for your company that fly off the shelves!

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I got my start as a successful entrepreneur owning my own Holistic Medical Clinic! So I have a heart for those in the healing space and a tremendous value for the work we do.

I know that a lot of folks have incredible gifts, but struggle with the business side of the wellness industry. I’ll help you:

  • Figure Out The Best Model For You To Grow
  • Create Multiple Streams of Income
  • Hire the Right People and Delegate
  • Become Profitable from the Very Beginning of Your Business
  • Determine the Best Products & Service Packages for Your Giftings

Christian Business & Personal Growth

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I see so many people only living into a small portion of their potential. DON’T LET THAT BE YOU!  We are called to be excellent at what we do and to have influence in the business world. We have an inheritance that God intended us to have here now on earth. I’m here to help teach you the mindsets, skills, and habits that will help you step into the greatness you’re called to be!

  • Business Development Training
  • Sales Training
  • Productivity Training
  • Mindset Training
  • Emotional Intelligence Training

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Determining Your Specific Gifts & Personality Qualities to give you better options for careers within your calling


  • Wake Up EVERY Day Excited about Your Life and Job
  • Express Your PASSION every day
  • Live with FIRE in Your Heart
  • Leave Your Mark on the World
  • Have Incredible Energy & Excitement to Live out Your Dreams
  • Transform Your Dreams into a PROFITABLE Business

Clarify Your Vision, Uncover Your True Design, Activate Your Gifts, Create a Business Plan Around Your Dream
I’m here to help you carve out the diamond inside you!

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God talks to us all the time. We are His creation created in His image. He is not hiding from us and He doesn’t want it to be hard for us to hear His voice. In fact it’s quite the opposite! He always wants to be in communication with us. Sometimes we just need a little bit of help to hear what He’s saying and tune out all the rest of the things happening around us and in our minds. It’s my joy to give you tools and techniques to help you hear Him more clearly!

  • Learning How to Pray with Expectancy and Hearing God’s Voice
  • Fruits of the Spirit
    • Words of Knowledge
    • Gift of Prophecy
    • The Gift of Healing
  • Learning How to Operate in Your Giftings

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Every day we have the choice to choose to listen to what God is saying to us or not. Throughout our lives we are full of His joy, but we are also under attack at some very deep levels that attempt to infiltrate our framework and stop us from Living in His joy & fullness. I’m here to help encourage you to hear God’s voice and experience true healing and deliverance.

In the trainings I teach we use a more gentle healing and deliverance technique called Heartsynch.  Developed by a Christian psychologist, we are able to teach you how to allow Jesus into each area of your life and let Him heal you on the deepest levels gently and with love and patience.

If you’re looking for major breakthrough, I recommend every single person get healing and learn these techniques to use on your own! I love sharing these tools because they have also profoundly impacted my own life as well as the lives of many people that I have worked with.

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1 Corinthians 14:3 ESV “On the other hand, the one who prophesies speaks to people for their upbuilding and encouragement and consolation.”

God still uses the gift of prophecy today to encourage us and direct us on the path of fullness in Him He wants us to take. Everyone who is a believer has the gift of prophecy. It’s my joy to encourage you to experience this gift more fully and to see how God wants to use it to speak life into yourself, people around you, your church, your region, your nation, and the world!

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Our prayers are so powerful! They can significantly influence the course of our lives. I’ve learned some amazing techniques to help my prayers become way more effective that I love to share & encourage others to experience the amazing potential of what prayer can do!

It also takes practice to learn how to abide in the presence of God. Even though He’s always here with us, it takes practice to learn how to abide in the deepness of  His presence and to receive all He has for us.

I’m excited to share with you the amazing things I’ve learned about how to do this efficiently and effortlessly with all consuming joy!

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