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Workshops Offered

Business & Personal Growth

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  • Go from an Idea to Fully Operational Business in 30 Days
  • Monetizing Your Calling & Making it Your Profession
  • Preparing Your Mindset for Success in the Business World.
  • Determining the Correct Business Model for you
  • How to start a business around your gifting

The World Needs the Gifts You Have to Share!
It’s time to take the Leap of FAITH and step into your destiny.
I’m here to help you bridge the gap between your ideas and my proven frameworks for business success.

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What is true about your identity?
Determining Your Specific Gifts & Personality Qualities to give you better options for careers within your calling


  • Wake Up EVERY Day Excited about Your Life and Job
  • Express Your PASSION every day
  • Live with Fire in Your Heart
  • Leave Your Mark on the World
  • Have Incredible Energy & Excitement to Live out Your Dreams
  • Transform Your Dreams into a PROFITABLE Business

Clarify Your Vision, Uncover Your True Design, Activate Your Gifts, Create a Business Plan Around Your Dream
I’m here to help you carve out the diamond inside you!

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  • Connecting With Your Vision & Goals
  • Creating Productivity Habits
  • Determining Your Best Motivation & Utilizing it For Your Success
  • Overcoming Fear For Good!
  • Learning How to Pull the Most Productivity Out of Yourself
  • Tips, Tactics, and Tools to Help You Be Your Most Productive, Highest Performing Self

—>Pull Out Your Peak Performance Action Plan
—>Leave Your Mark on the World
—> Have Incredible Energy & Excitement to Live out Your Dreams

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  • Programming Your Mind for success
  • eliminate the beliefs that are holding you back and receive encouragement into who you’re called to be.
  • Negativity detox
  • Eliminating fear of failure and fear of success
  • Emotional Awareness techniques to dig out the roots of unbelief and fear replacing them with peace, joy & encouragement
  • Deep Healing that eliminate Blocks to Success

One of the most important pieces of  true lasting success is cultivating mental toughness.  I’m here to help shed some light on areas that may need healing or reprogramming so you can have breakthrough to be the amazing person you’re called to be!  Step into all that this world has to offer you.

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  • Develop Wellness Habits that Support Your Best Performance
  • Get Options for Tests that Will Help Track Your Health Progress
  • Get Educated on The Best Nutritional And Fitness Support for Your Body Type
  • Get the Support & Encouragement You Need to Make Healthy Lifestyle Substitutions
  • How to Get More ENERGY to fuel your dreams!

Health/Wellness and success cannot be separated!  I’m here to give you some great options for your wellness program that help you live at optimal energy and performance.  I make wellness fun, positive and help instill healthy habits that are easy to uphold

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  • Go From Idea to Author in a Matter of Days
  • A Step By Step Timeline and Checklist of what you need to publish your book
  • Determining Content Benefits for the Book
  • The Options for Styles of Publishing
  • Step by Step Process to Becoming a Best Seller
  • Promoting & Selling Your Book

You have a unique story & message inside of you!  I’m here to help you bring that out so you can share it with the world.  My Unique and Proven Process for helping you get on the Amazon Best-Seller List.

Christian Business & Personal Growth

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I see so many people only living into a small portion of their potential. DON’T LET THAT BE YOU!  We are called to be excellent at what we do and to have influence in the business world. We have an inheritance that God intended us to have here now on earth. I’m here to help teach you the mindsets, skills, and habits that will help you step into the greatness you’re called to be!

  • Business Development Training
  • Sales Training
  • Productivity Training
  • Mindset Training
  • Emotional Intelligence Training

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God talks to us all the time. We are His creation created in His image. He is not hiding from us and He doesn’t want it to be hard for us to hear His voice. In fact it’s quite the opposite! He always wants to be in communication with us. Sometimes we just need a little bit of help to hear what He’s saying and tune out all the rest of the things happening around us and in our minds. It’s my joy to give you tools and techniques to help you hear Him more clearly!

  • Learning How to Pray with Expectancy and Hearing God’s Voice
  • Fruits of the Spirit
    • Words of Knowledge
    • Gift of Prophecy
    • The Gift of Healing
  • Learning How to Operate in Your Giftings

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1 Corinthians 14:3 ESV “On the other hand, the one who prophesies speaks to people for their upbuilding and encouragement and consolation.”

God still uses the gift of prophecy today to encourage us and direct us on the path of fullness in Him He wants us to take. Everyone who is a believer has the gift of prophecy. It’s my joy to encourage you to experience this gift more fully and to see how God wants to use it to speak life into yourself, people around you, your church, your region, your nation, and the world!

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Having insane faith grows even more faith!  Also knowing your true identity and walking with Christ is the secret to experiencing more of God’s miraculous events.  Learn how to cultivate and walk in the presence of God and watch the amazing things He does!

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